I had the opportunity to exhibited at AmericasMart Atlanta January 11th-15th. There was 50,000 potential buyers to see my art! 

The Atlanta experience was challenging, scary, fun and very productive! I will always be glad I put myself out there but I couldn’t have done it without the team of people who supported me and helped make it happen. Sheri Johnson and Micki Pane from Creative Press & Design , Ed Brown-booth builder, Vic Miller-booth painter, Ritchie Gregory- crate maker and shipper, Joan Worrall-seamstress Sandy-aprons ? Alex Hooker and Justin Bell for letting us take over their cool Atlanta condo for a week and making us feel comfortable and welcomed!

But most importantly the two wonderful, brave ladies who went with me to Atlanta. My dear Merrilee Hooker – who brings joy to everything we do, she is my heart and soul!

And finally, Julie Taylor– who saw something in me that she wanted to share with the world. I’ve never met anyone like her-she works relentlessly, has more ideas, prays harder, pushes/pulls and makes things happen. Julie has been my game changer and made me believe the sky is the limit.
I am blessed to have her on this journey with me!

Here are few highlights. I will be selling in 13 new states: Massachusetts, Florida, Alabama, Indiana, Maryland, Texas, South Dakota, Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, Maine, North Carolina & South Carolina. Joining the five states currently selling my cards!