Lisa Worrall's Art

Beautiful, meaningful images from cut paper that speak to your heart
“Letting Go” & “The Tightrope Walker”
Children have been a major influence in my life, and in my art. During my years as a teacher I was filling a deep, still pool with thoughts and images that are now my source of ideas. Children are unpretentious, real, funny and always inspiring. They taught me the importance of living life with a sense of whimsy.

This series of cut-paper images narrates the balance that independent women strive for in a world filled with challenges; women who lean in with calm strength, radiating faith and trust. These characters reflect this moment in my journey, as I take vulnerable yet determined steps on a path that has taken me off solid ground, leading me in a new unpredictable direction. I find courage by celebrating the women who have lifted and inspired me throughout my life.

The filigree in the corners was made from messages and signatures written by women in my personal history.
I built the “The Tightrope Walker” landscape from quotes, letter fragments, poem and book excerpts written by inspirational women. Handwriting from the important women in my personal history were used to create the paper filigree in the corners of the piece. Throughout this image, I used re-purposed materials with special significance, including braille paper, vintage recycled sheet music, wrapping paper and hymn book, old playing cards, chocolate wrappers, even a two cent 1929 postage stamp!

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