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Meet Lisa Worrall

  • Lisa Worrall, greeting card designer; paper artist and owner of Iddy Biddy Boo Design.
  • A proud Nebraskan, retired teacher – 36 years in the classroom, teaching Special Education and first grade.
  • Self-taught artist, in 2008, I experimented with cutting paper for a Christmas card design, it was so well-received that I developed my unique cut-paper style.
  • Iddy Biddy Boo Design launched in 2011; museums, galleries and book stores throughout the U.S. now sell my greeting cards. I also create special one-of-a-kind commission pieces for collectors, using my cut paper technique and designing whimsical frames to compliment the art.
  • My unique cards are printed images of original art I create with cut paper. Inspired by special people, places and moments in my life, I capture my designs using a wide variety of paper. I consider each card a whimsical piece of affordable art!


I believe that art has the potential to help, heal, and create joy. Teaching and sharing my work has opened so many doors in my life and career.

Below are the groups I have worked with or donated to over the last few years.

  • Alpha Delta Kappa scholarship fund
  • Art Pals Sunset Hills Elementary School arts program
  • Assistance League of Omaha
  • Brookestone Meadows (OWLS- Older Workers in the Lord’s Service)
  • CASA – Douglas County
  • Children Cancer Charities
  • Christ Community Church Girl’s Club
  • CUES Christian Urban Education Services (Sacred Heart Elementary, All Saints Elementary, Holy Name Elementary)
  • Friends of Lied – Lied Performing Arts Center
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Heartland of Nebraska Food Bank
  • Omaha Alumnae Panhellenic Association Scholarship Fund
  • Omaha Children’s Museum
  • Omaha Symphony Guild
  • Rejuvenating Women – safe house
  • Salvation Army
  • Santa Monica House halfway house for women recovering from addiction
  • Sheltering Tree
  • Support the Girls (Funds for Breast Cancer Survivors)
  • Swanson Elementary School
  • The Artery
  • Westside Foundation
  • Wounded Warriors

Lisa + Publicity

Inspired Living Omaha

Interviewed by Les Femmes Folles

December 2013

“Artist Lisa Worrall generously shares with LFF about growing up in Nebraska, how she got into art, her card design business, her inspirations including Henri Matisse, her artistic process and current projects, feminism and more…”

Interviewed on “The Morning Blend”

March 1st, 2014

This interview was to promote the CUES auction. I was proud to be the featured artist for their fundraising event.

Joslyn Art Museum

Union Pacific 150th Anniversary, 2012

The Joslyn asked me to try my hand at trains (I never would have thought to make trains) to go with the anniversary. There was a large exhibit at Joslyn Art Museum featuring rare photographs from the 1800’s taken by A.J. Russell that had never been on exhibit before.

I was thrilled that my 2 original pieces displayed in shadow boxes at Joslyn Art Museum.

Mother’s Day edition of Women’s Intuition Magazine

May / June 2012

“Little Girl Playing Dress-Up” is from my line of Mother’s Day greeting cards and was referenced in the magazine

Lisa's Creative Inspiration

Learn all about it!


This old photograph of my brother has always been a family favorite. In the picture he is holding two toy pistols, I changed it to have him holding a lasso, I didn’t think pistols were quite right for a greeting card!

My father told me this was his favorite picture of me. I think he got a kick out of the look on my face and the sassy way I’m standing. After my father passed away, I found this picture in his top dresser drawer. I will always cherish it.


This picture is of Jeff, 27 years ago, with his grandmother. Next to it, you see the inspired Valentine card. On his first birthday we had a costume party, (he was born the day after Halloween) and I made this devil outfit for him to wear. It has always been one of my favorite pictures and memories.


This is my grandmother, Mimi, in her wedding dress in 1929. My mother found the picture recently and I was immediately inspired to try my hand at re-creating the image with paper. Her face, the pose, the huge bouquet…and that fabulous dress!

SuperHero Mom

I drew the image last year and never got around to work on it. So, this year I decided to give it a try. As you can see, it evolved and ended up being a strong image and statement about women and the power of their relationships.s.

Shirts & Ties & Dad

This shirt and tie display at Von Maur caught my eye and was the inspiration for the card!

Here is a favorite image of my dad from back in the day. Wasn’t he handsome in that bow tie?!

Marching Molly

I was blessed to grow up in the Old Rockbrook neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska where the big event each year was the Fourth of July parade.

One of my favorite pictures from those parades is of my dear friend, Molly-our self-appointed majorette! Molly is one-of-a kind. She is funny, outrageous, smart- an amazing person who has always been an inspiration to me. This card is my tribute to Molly, and her beautiful spirit. I call it, “Marching Molly”.

Breast Cancer Card

To all the women and men who have walked the walk, endured the storm, embraced the journey and battled Breast Cancer with strength and courage. Strong is the new Beautiful.

Dad & Roger

Halloween is my favorite holiday. My love of Haloween started in the early 1960’s when my father and his best friend decided to delight their families, friends and neighbors by dressing up for Halloween. The schemes and wild costumes went on for years- becoming more elaborate and legendary. This photo was taken the first Halloween they dressed up, the card celebrates their love of life, friendship and the joy their craziness brought to everyone who knew them.
The inside message:
“If you have crazy friends you have everything.”


The name of my company, Iddy Biddy Boo Design, was inspired by my brother. He called me Iddy when I was little, and he called my sister Boo Boo. The little man standing on the heart was a Valentine I drew for my best friend years ago. She saved it and gave it back to me. I had forgotten all about it! It seemed to capture the whimsy and heart that I put into everything I create.


This card captures a special event that happened several times during my career as a teacher. A student would bring in a weird little caterpillar, we would put in a bug cage and watch as it changed into a cocoon. For months we would take care of it until one spring morning we would find a beautiful butterfly! The important lesson we learned from the butterfly was the lesson of letting go.


“My mother brought these little red shoes back from England when my son was about a year old. I love all the pictures of him wearing them, it reminds me of when his feet were small and he was young enough to let me have him wear them. He is 25 years old now and those red shoe days are long past. When I create images of little boys, they are always wearing red shoes.”


This card was inspired by my grandfather, Clyde. He was a loyal Cornhusker fan all of his life! Like many crazy Nebraska fans, this is a pretty accurate representation of typical game day fashion!


I’ve been collecting small chairs for years. I like the way they look together, the different shapes and colors. They’ve inspired my line of note cards.


Little Girl catching fireflies: “When we were growing up we spent time every summer visiting our grandparents in Wahoo, Nebraska. The highlight of each visit was going to the Wahoo Cemetery after dark and catching fireflies. We still talk about how scary and fun it was to run around the cemetery in the dark.”


This is a window I saw on a trip to Breckenridge a few summers ago. I changed the colors but I loved the way the flowers looked against the window. The original piece of art is on display at Garden Gallery in Elkhorn, Nebraska.


This picture of my son, Jeffrey and his father, taken 25 years ago, was the inspiration for this card. The message inside the card voices a universal sentiment between parent and child: Loved you then, Love you still, Always have, Always will.


I saw this cute vintage car a few years ago, parked outside a house in my neighborhood. I took a picture knowing I would have to use it in a card, it is a classic Nash Metropolitan, lovingly restored by a neighbor. I took the cut paper original I created for the card over to show them and gave them the card. They were surprised and quite pleased to have their car featured in this wedding card.