I am so excited to be working with the Biltmore Estates and creating the Biltmore Estates out of paper. The original will be framed and on display at the estate for Christmas. I am so honored to be asked to do this and want to share my process with you along the way.

Here is a little background on how the Biltmore art is taking shape. I did research on the stone used in building the Biltmore Estate in the late 1800s and found out it was an Indiana limestone, and with further research found out that the limestone used in the Nebraska State Capitol Building was from the same quarry in Indiana during that same time period.

Before I made my visit to North Carolina, I went to Lincoln to get a feel for the stone. So, the first thing I did when I got to the Biltmore was to take my papers and try to make a match for the colors – the ones I thought would work, because of my trip to Lincoln – were perfect! I guess it does pay to do the research!

You can also see a quick 10 second video of the detail and precision I used to create the piece. I can’t wait to show you all the final piece. Stay tuned!