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Artist in Residence – Swanson Elementary School

I was an Artist in Residence at Swanson Elementary School on March 12-13. I shared my story about my unexpected journey into my new art career as a paper artist. I worked with each class to create their own paper art, which was displayed for the parents on...

Peace on Earth

My artwork titled, "Peace on Earth" is in a place of honor it's owner's beautiful home. I was invited over to see where it has been placed and I am thrilled to see it hanging in the heart of their home.

Christmas Caravan

The Assistance League of Omaha Christmas Caravan! Was a wonderful way for me to meet lots of people, sell my cards, and raise money for their great cause!

A Very Special Commission

A wonderful group of women commissioned me to do a piece of art for a dear friend, Deborah Conley, to celebrate a big birthday! It was a fun commission to do, but also a challenge. You see, Deborah is colorblind and views the world in varying shades of...

CUES Auction

I was the featured artist in the CUES auction, which was an honor and a great experience. All the money raised went to an important cause, funding three inner-city schools: Sacred Heart, All Saints and Holy Name. I was proud to be part of this effort....

Home Sweet Home

"My home, to me, is an extension of my art, cards, life....everything. It says so much about who I am. All of the art in my house are pieces I created, most of it with cut paper. Obviously this way of expressing myself has been evolving for a very long...

Les Femmes Folles 2013

As a featured artist in the monthly online women in the arts magazine, Les Femmes Folles, I was also placed in their 2013 anthology of women artists!

Les Femmes Folles

I've recently had the honor of being interviewed for a journal featuring women in art! Click here to read the article.

A New Journey

In May 2013 I retired from teaching after a 36 year career in the classroom. As part of my retirement celebration, I exhibited some of my art and cards for the staff, students, and parents to see. When I was asked what I planned to do when I retired, I was...

Home Sweet Home, Continued

Hand-painted steps leading into my house... An acrylic painting I did of my dear Charlie. He was the best. Zinnias in my garden! A whimsical display!

Projects at Home

I hand-painted this chair as a gift for Deborah Conley from her special friends. It was in honor of the year she spent as the mother of the Queen of Ak-Sar-Ben, her daughter Alison Conley was queen in 2010. Deborah inspired me to take the steps forward to...